Pass-the-baton is an online community based and concept store in Tokyo that describes itself as a ‘personal cultural marketplace’ and is turning the idea of second-hand shopping on its head.

According to their philosophy, the ‘stories’ an object picks up over its lifetime should be valued as much as the object itself. Each item for sale in their store carries a tag that features the name & photo of the previous owner and a short personal description alongside the price.

They’re evidently not the only ones to see value in the idea. The concept has attracted a host of collaborators from the Japanese world of style and culture, from big names, like Japanese street-wear legend Nigo, to big brands, such as preppy fashion house United Arrows.

But the latest brand to get involved is the biggest yet. For their current exhibition, ‘then, now and forever’, Pass the Baton have teamed up with Adidas Originals and a gang of local young talent, who have each contributed a pair of Adidas trainers from their personal collection.

The shoes can be viewed at a specially put together exhibition in Pass the Baton’s immaculately curated Ometesando store or online. Each pair is priced by the contributor and will be allocated under a lottery system, with the winners able to collect their new shoes direct from the contributors themselves, in-store on Sunday 30th January.

The trainers range from rare collectors items, to nearly new bargains, to customised works of arts but the idea behind the campaign is clear – in the same way that each of the contributors is unique, so are their Adidas trainers.

All in all, top marks to Adidas for a genuinely original collaboration.

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