The little corner of Tokyo we call home is Ota-ku Chuo, a south-western suburb about 30 minutes train-ride from Shibuya .

Although the name might suggest it to be overrun by geeky guys with unhealthy manga fixations, it’s actually a tranquil and leafy little area, about as far from the stereotypical image of Tokyo (bright neon lights, skyscrapers) as you could get.

Around our house it’s like a rabbit warren of interlocking streets and lowrise buildings and,  despite the time I’ve put into exploring, I’m still wary of wandering to far off the main streets for fear of getting lost (remember there are no street names in Japan!). But it’s not an unpleasant place to get lost in anyway, with no two houses built quite the same and something interesting around every corner.

We live between two stations, Nishi Magome & Ikegami. Although Ikegami is a little further away, the sights en route more than make up for the extra distance, taking in both a Buddhist temple and a Shinto shrine…